I give this comment five stars.

I didn’t know what I was doing when I started this blog about a year and a half ago. I just knew that I missed writing, and wanted a space to stretch those muscles. Since then, I’ve been overwhelmed with incredible feedback from people in all corners of my life. While it’s been terrifying to put my bare soul on display and I’m often shaky when I press the “publish” button, it’s also been therapeutic to get thoughts out of my head and into the world. Some posts get more responses than others, but the responses are generally kind. It’s been so gratifying every time that somebody tells me they connected with something I wrote, and sometimes it even seems to strengthen my connections with the people in my world. I truly appreciate everyone’s comments. They always mean a lot, and give me the strength to keep going.

There was one comment, though, that has truly stood out from all the rest. This comment was so good that I never even hit the “approve” button, so it’s never before been seen on this blog. Today, I’m choosing to finally share it. This comment was left on this 4th of July post. Here it is….

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 7.14.24 PM

You might have to read it two or three times to take it all in. Go ahead, take your time… A true work of art, no?

First of all, can we talk about the pseudonym this commenter used? T-rump. T-rump! Why haven’t we been using that nickname all along?? While many have had a Voldemort-like reaction to the president, not wanting to even say his name because it feels like a profanity and/or summoning of evil, we’ve stumbled through different alternatives. Some prefer to call him 45, some go with Donald, others prefer something with the word Cheetos in it. (I mostly try to avoid the latter. I hate the man for many reasons, but there’s no need to drag his appearance into it.) But clearly, we should have been using T-rump all along! It’s perfect for so many reasons…. “Rump” is just a funny word, no matter how you use it. And doesn’t T-rump kind of sound like a t-rex? Just like the man’s crazy gestures look sort of like a t-rex flailing his little arms? Also, it’s so simple. Literally all we have to do is drop a hyphen into the man’s name, and he’s T-rump. The perfect nickname.

Thank you, T-rump the commenter, for giving us that nicknamey gift.

Next, props for making the jab undeniably personal. T-rump obviously knows that I use a wheelchair, which I talk about a lot in my blog, but not in that particular entry. Whoever T-rump is, it’s not somebody who just randomly came across my blog, left a quick trollish comment, and moved on. This was somebody who has at least spent a little time with my blog, and/or knows me in real life. I feel honored, T-rump, that you would take the time to write this thoughtful comment with such a personal flair, and also leave me with the nagging question about whether you’re a person that I actually know. So much accomplished with so few words.

Seriously, so few words. 17 words, to be exact, and only 80 characters. This comment could easily fit into a Tweet, which of course is OG Trump’s favorite form of communication. Props for brevity. It usually takes me 1,000 words before I even know what I’m trying to say. But T-rump got straight to the point, no superfluous words needed.

Also, so bold! It takes a special kind of confidence to declare yourself a voice for the American people. And then to use that voice to wish death on an individual for offering a thoughtful critique of the country’s culture. Escalating straight from blog post to death wish! Go big or go home, right?

And this wasn’t your typical, flippant “go kill yourself” style of death wish. This one invoked such vivid imagery. I can almost hear the splash of the water.

T-rump obviously isn’t a nice person, but he’s also not pretending to be. Is he a monster? A literary genius? It’s hard to say.

2 thoughts on “I give this comment five stars.”

  1. Being told to kill yourself by a person who supports the Sig Hieling, POC-bashing, Anti-Semetic, sex-abuse gaslighting that’s been going on is an accomplishment.

    Piss off every Nazi. Your powers continue to grow 🙂

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