Middle State Musings

I thought that when I graduated from BYU, I was mostly done with driving through anything west of my Pacific Coast comfort zone…. I was wrong. When my brother married a Nebraska girl, it was decided that I’d be getting more familiar with the middle states.

This summer, we’re meeting them in the middle, renting a cabin just outside of Yellowstone. We arrived yesterday, and they’ll arrive later today.

So, these are thoughts that float through my head every time that I’m road tripping through the middle states:

  • This country is so big…and so much empty space! It seems like we could solve these urban crowding problems if we really wanted to.
  • Aww, log houses…. I miss my log home so much!! I grew up in the greatest house ever.
  • That pickup truck’s bumper sticker says “no on measure XYZ.” I don’t know what measure XYZ was, but I have a feeling I’d have voted yes.
  • I’m so judgey. I should probably be less judgey….
  • Look at that Native American reservation…. I should educate myself more about Native cultures.
  • There should be so many millions more Natives living all over the country now… <general sense of mourning that I don’t have words for>
  • Is it really necessary for my family to make an announcement about every single fast food place and chain restaurant they see?
  • There’s no way on earth I would have crossed any of this with a covered wagon or hand cart. Fuhgettaboutit. I’d definitely have stayed behind with Emma. Forget manifest destiny. (Yes, I’m mixing my Oregon Trail with my Mormon Trail.)
  • Hunting buffalo in the elementary school computer lab was fun.
  • Those rocks are beautiful. I don’t think of rocks as beautiful, but they are. 
  • Seriously, the people out here think I’m the one who lives in a bubble?? I could spend my entire life in this town, and never encounter a fraction of the human experience I get to interact with daily in my normal life.
  • These ranches remind me of “Hey Dude” on 90s Nickelodeon. Those killer cacti…
  • There are people in this country who’ve never seen the ocean. How does a person survive life without breathing some ocean air now and then?
  • The Wyoming kids at BYU used to talk about some music group called the Bar J Wranglers. I wonder if they’re still a thing.

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